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Expand your payment options and offer security to your business and clients.

Let your customer hit the pay button and leave the rest up to us. At Payola we provide the gateway and technology solutions to making the easiest possible transition from the clients payment option, straight to your bank account.

Welcome to Payola

Take advantage of a fully integrated suite of payment solutions.

Payment Gateway

Through our gateway, you can now gain access to reliable, secure and super fast payment solutions. Accept payments from your customers securely and hassle-free.

Failed Payment Retries

Our top-notch technology handles failed payment retries, allowing cards to be processed in real time giving your clients the opportunity to make a successful payment.


At Payola we have integrations with top tier payment facilitators ready to be onboarded with the merchant.

Security Technology

Offers security by using encrypted data for credit card information which is passed from the customer through your website and finally to the bank.

Accept Payments Globally

Broaden your horizons by accepting and processing payments around the world, efficiently and securely. Let us handle the exchange with our dynamic exchange rates. 

Provide an ease of access and an enjoyable, simple experience for your clients.

Safe & Secure Solutions

Expand and diversify your business with our integrated suite of payment solutions. 

With Payola you can leverage your relationships and experience with your clients, offering an advanced technology solution that is specifically tailored to their needs. 

Minimize fraud and keep your clients privacy safe and secure. Also keep yourself protected from accounts that are to expire, have inadequate funds or have already been closed.

Why Choose Payola

Allow your customers to carry out payments from all industries, seamlessly and securely. 

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Providing Tailored Payment Solutions For All